About Us

OTAG MUSIC CENTER LTD. which is an affiliate of TUMATA (ENSEMBLE) aims to serve the activities of TUMATA.

The manufacturing, publishing and the sale of CDs, cassettes and books and musical instruments which are the products of TUMATA are done through OTAG MUSIC CENTER channel. Apart from these, concert, seminar, exhibition and course organizations are being implemented.

At OTAG MUSIC CENTER, apart from TUMATA CDs, cassettes and books, the manufacturing and the sale of other books and Turkish Classical Instruments as well as Central Asian Musical instruments are being carried out. Authentic Central Asian costumes, hats (doppa or tepetei), covers, carpets and rugs are also available.

The manager of the OTAG MUSIC CENTER is retired Agricultural Engineer Yasar Guvenc.

Address: Alemdar Mah. Alaykosku Cad. Civan Han 20/B, Fatih - Istanbul

Phone: 0212 511 15 38
Fax: 0212 514 40 47
E-mail: tumata@tumata.com
Web site: www.otagmusik.com